Dr. Oz M. Gazit

Room #371 3rd floor

Chemical Engineering


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Assistant Professor Oz M. Gazit completed his BSc in chemical engineering from the Ben Gurion university in 2004 . He then moved to the Technion to pursue his PhD, direct track, under the supervision of Prof’ Rina Tannenbaum and Prof’ Yachin Cohen. His thesis work focused on the formation of nanoscale, self-assembled, periodic composite materials (polymer and oxide nanoparticles) that would be able to trap, mold and guide light. Upon graduating in July 2009 he joined the group of Prof’ Alex Katz at UC-Berkeley as postdoctoral scholar. During his time at UCB he worked on two projects; the first with British Petroleum, looking into the fundamental design of weak acid sites on the surface of metal oxide as heterogeneous catalyst for cellulose depolymerization. The second project, with Dow chemicals, focused on developing cellulose based multilayer coatings for the solution stabilization of paint pigments. In 2013 he joined to the chemical engineering faculty at the Technion under the Solar Fuels ISF-ICORE excellence program and the Technion Grand Energy Program.

Dr. Dina Shpasser

Lead scientist
Tailoring surface properties of layered clay-like materials
ChemE 384

Dr. Sreenath Pappuru

Molecular level design of cooperative catalysts for the upgrading of biomass derived molecules
ChemE 384

Dr. Chandrakanth Gadipelly

Design of cooperative catalysts based on layered double hydroxides
ChemE 386

Naseem Hayek

PhD student
Understanding critical catalyst parameters for methane oxidative coupling
ChemE 133

Christine Khoury

PhD student
Polymer based cooperative catalysis for the upgrading of biomass derived
ChemE 133

Jin Wang

Undergraduate researcher

Baoting Huang

Undergraduate researcher


Dr. Christine Warwar Damouny (Phd)
Currently working as a Postdoc at the Technion
Dr. Anup Tathod (Posdoc)
Staff scientist CSIR-indian institute of Petroleum, Dehradun
Dr. Nishita Lucas (Postdoc)
Research associate at Pune university and NCL
Yotam Lahav (MSc)
Ekaterina Zaslavski (MSc)
Staff researcher at the Technion